About Park Lane South Condominiums

DSC03188In the last quarter of the 19th Century a number of factories, of the type that abound in New England, were built in Queens. A hundred years later almost all traces of these buildings have disappeared. But in Richmond Hill, one extremely good example of the type survived long enough to become part of the residential condominium boom of the 1980’s. This former briarwood pipe factory has been converted into a handsome, four-story brick structure of 87 apartments, boasting thick walls and high ceilings. Parking is available and plentiful on the site’s central mall.

The building is situated at 84-10 101st Street, across the street from the 538-acre Forest Park. The park is wooded and sits on one of the highest points in the borough, atop the terminal moraine deposited here 10,000 years ago by a glacier. The park has an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, bicycle paths, a carousel, sport fields, bridle paths for horseback riding, and playgrounds. A playground is one block away.

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